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Pastor John and Sister Tina Danquah


It is wonderful and exciting to be a part of what God is blessing. The reality of this day proves that God is faithful in keeping his promises.
My family and would like to applaud the Grace and Truth Message Tabernacle congregation on this magnifĂ­cent milestone for God.
We are humbled and honored to be your lead pastoral family since November 2,2001. With God as our leader the mission has been accomplished.
We dedicated the first church on Collins Street, by my former pastor Gerald Samuel.

After a year, we moved to Williams Parkway which was dedicated by Pastor Dan Olsen.
We then moved to Kimble Street in 2004, which was dedicated by Pastor Harold Hilderbrandt and now by a strong visionary leadership not to
continue paying excessive rent increase,I was lead to move to acquire a church building of our own. By the grace of God Grace and Truth Message Tabernacle
coincided with the 50th anniversary of the desCent of the seven angels on Sunset Mountain.

In memory of that event, since 50 is the number of Jubilee this Church house will now be referred to as “Jubilee Temple.”
As a pastor I ask for nothing but wisdom to lead this congregation, strength to endure the trials that come with the ministry and calling and the virtuous
nature to love those who despitefully obstruct the move of God.Today is a day of celebration because God has done a marvelous thing, however I want to
remind our members that we are not home yet, there are many more battles to fight and rivers to cross.
Yet we have nothing to fear or to be anxious about.

If Jesus is our leader let us keep going forward walking in the footsteps of Jesus and marching to the tune of ‘onward Christian soldiers.’

— Pastor John Danquah



Pastor John Danquah and Family