The Children Choir

  E-2           I want to say that I appreciate that little choir that was singing just before coming in, as I do, all the singing. I believe they’re up to my left. As on my road over, I was listening to them, and it was really stirring. I sure appreciate them very very much. May the Lord bless those children.


Adult Choir

  E-1           Lord bless you. You know, it’s written in the Word, “I was happy when they said unto us, ‘Let’s go to the house of the Lord.'” Amen…?… See? This lovely place, lovely atmosphere, lovely pastor, and this choir, such a nice church, I don’t see why there’d be anything lacking this morning for all that we have need of. I sure appreciate that song, “God is Sufficient.” Isn’t that beautiful? Sang so nicely and consecrated voices, and I like that. I like something that’s real, that hasn’t got any (you know) put on. You don’t have… I like good singing, but I–I just can’t stand an overtrained voice, you know. You know, I… Hold it till they get blue in the face and… you know, and some kind of a gargle or a warble or something, and… That–that’s not singing. I–I like singing like that: just real right from the heart, good old fashion Pentecostal singing.