2 Timothy 1:5

Grace mercy and peace should be the words that comes out of our mouths when we greet each other.

Unwavering faith is solid faith, faith that cannot be moved. It is standing on revelation.

This faith, great faith was in the lineage of Timothy and it was found in a dedicated lady Lois.

Lois was a dedicated sister that left an impact on her children and grand children because of her love for the Lord.

This was so notable that Paul uses him as an example of dedication.

The same for all sister, God has called you to be an example of faith and example of dedication.

When your children sees that you are strong and you have gone through storm and has come victorious than when the grow up they will know that your God is a real God.

Your commitment and dedication will stir up the gifts that are in your children. Be therefore dedicated to prayer, to the reading of the word, to living your faith and you will reap joy and peace.